"Want to tell me what that was about?"

"A man coming to the end of himself."


"So big they dragged behind me when I walked, and they were strong. They could carry me above the clouds and into the headwinds. They never faltered, not even once. I could trust them."

The full moon is our strength


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So apparently a certain someone fell asleep. Tickle attacks happened.


One mildly annoying thing about being an atheist…and this is something odd, mildly unexpected, and overall headache-inducing. I think it’s related to the evidence that many atheists know more about Christianity than many Christians.

It’s basically the argument that so many scientific and artistic events occurred at the hands of Christians. Oh, wait. As an atheist, I never argued that. Too many Christians I know tried to create an argument out of that. I will argue that there is more to it, like many things in history.

Basically, for a long, long time, contrary to popular belief, science and religion got along just fine. Knowledge and religion got along just fine. Oh, yes, there were some definite bumps but they overall existed in harmony. Hell, when Darwinism was introduced, it was received a hundred times better than how it is taken by extreme Christians now. The concept of faith before knowledge and Young Earth ideology is new. NEW. Only until recently has there been extremely serious clashes between science and religion. Prior to that, religion seemed rather happy just fighting between its various denominations.

Here’s when it gets annoying: when Christians argue like this view of religion vs. science has always been the case. No. It has not. Especially not to this degree.

…I want to actually revive all of my old research and write a paper on this now. Wow.

Next time Christians try to argue that so much art and knowledge came from Christians, point out that the wheel, writing, language, fire-making, calenders, architecture, math, even religion itself were all invented by hellbound pagans.


i literally never get tired of this post

hey. it’s me.

brushes with darkness won’t help you create your destiny of self.


616 Tony Stark + text meme

please take photoshop away from me

I raise my flags, don my clothes It’s a revolution, I suppose.

I raise my flags, don my clothes
It’s a revolution, I suppose.

I was reading some Steve/Tony this morning, so when the radio started playing Kesha’s “Gold Trans Am" and I heard

Come on climb into my golden cockpit
Love you till you’re seeing stars and stripes (get inside)!
Burning rubber on the southern highway,
Gonna take you for a freedom ride (c’mon, get inside)!

I was like, “Goddamn, Tony.”

And Boyfriend was like, “…Who’re you talking to?”